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experimentingcouple experimentingcouple 26-30 5 Answers May 16, 2011

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When you click on [My Stories] you will be presented a list of your stories . At the top of the list are three buttons [All Stories] [Stories With New Comments] [Drafts] . Click [Drafts] and if you actually saved it then it should show up there.

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that just happened to me-- i finished my story then to post it it said i had to log in- altho i thought i already was-- but i logged in again, then couldnt find where draft went!!!! so ok heres how i found mine --- i pushed back a couple times til i found button to MY HOME PG--- then put cursor on "stories" and 2 menu options pop down= "compose" and "DRAFTS" ----there u have it! goodluck!!!

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