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2pac cares if dont nobody else care

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Yes he does.

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Long live tupac

And yes it's changes. Good tune.

The line "will we ever see a black president" is moot.

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Most people fail and are thankful they didn't succeed in committing suicide. You need to get out and move around, exercise is one of the greatest pick-me-ups. I have a friend who started just walking around his kitchen table and increasing it the next time after time.

We all have tough times when we'd just like to close our eyes and wake up to something better, but unless we make a change such as volunteering or joining a gym we can't expect anything to change. Join us and start moving toward something else for yourself.

I also lied to myself if I don't have anything good to say. Instead of saying oh this hurts and this happened and now I just can't do something. I say I'm fine, fantastic and great. And I always smile at them. I feel better because I didn't give a voice to what was bothering me.

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