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So i have a friend ho got this crazy crush about a boy for 2 weeks she told me to ask him if he love her back so i text him ib facebook and he said no i don't love her sorry and he said that he was looking for my facebook page for a long time and he asked if i have a bf and i said no and he said will you be my gf i said no sorry and after 1week of asking me againe and againe u said yes my frien find out and she's mad from me and she is telling me that he is playing wih my heart but he realy acte like he is crazy about . i told him what she was saying to me and he said that we gonna talk with her tomorow morning and stop this and i got my first date with him tomorow after class and i don't what to do i knew im a bad friend but now im in love with him to and i don't new what to do so pls help and don't judge me pls
emilien emilien 13-15 3 Answers Jun 1, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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A thumbs up goes to you, and also a middle finger from your friend. :-)

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So prepare for it to happen to you

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