I don't eat animals who are endangered or animals that I have killed myself. But, I do eat chicken and turkey. I don't eat beef, fish, deer or anything else that is considered "red meat". That being said, I support animal rights and I hate animal cruelty. I hate that the japanese and some other countries hunt endangered whales and dolphins. I hate ocean fishing all together, to be honest. I understand the ocean life is what islands are sustained on, but it is still wrong. Am I a hypocrite for eating meat but still opposing animal cruelty?
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If animals are given a reasonably happy life for a fair amount of time there's nothing wrong with eating them if they're killed humanely. If we did not do so most cattle, sheep etc would not exist at all. I don't buy the notion that 99.9% of some species would be better off never existing than being given the chance of a reasonable life. Most of the cows and sheep near me are a pretty contented bunch.

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Not in the least...The good Lord put some critters on this good earth to help feed and clothe us. I'm a huge supporter of critter rights but I am unashamed in my love of a good steak.

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first of all, I don't think fish is red meat. Second of all, if you buy your chicken and turkey from your local grocery store, it comes from a mass production chicken or turkey farm, which does not treat their animals properly. They are fed chemicals to fatten them up, and are fed f*^#ing arsenic to make the meat look healthy. Local farms treat them better. I would consider you a hypocrite, if you believe that raising an animal on a farm to be eaten is ok, but that fishing for fish who have lived a real life in the wild isn't ok? I eat farm animals too, but only cause I don't have much alternative living with my parents. When I get my own place, I will hunt to feed myself much healthier food, (no farm food can replace the nutrients in nature, yeilding nutrient rich meat.) and may raise my own chickens and have a milk cow. If unsucsessful hunting, I will still buy the occasional farm slaughter animal, but would try to find a local supplier.

Sorry for potentially calling you a hypocrite. But fishing is a great way to gather meat. The fish have lived a good life in the ocean, not on a fish farm. They ate real food, and will produce very healthy meat for consumption. Yes the world's oceans are over-fished, at least certain areas of them are. But this can be addressed with proper rotation of fishing grounds.

You say ocean fishing is wrong? I think there are some wrong actions by fishermen, but nothing that can't be averted without proper law enforcement. Some fishermen kill dolphins to prevent them from scaring off fish. Some throw dead fish back in the water if they're not the right species or size, instead of using them for cat food or something. And i'm sure there are more atrocities, but this is just the unfortunate case with all big business. What do you find so wrong about ocean fishing?

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Here is a video on animal rights:

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It appears to me, when I test your question, that you are not a hypocrite, as supporting animal rights yet continuing to eat some meat are not exact opposites.

I am not a Vegan either; but I try to be as vegetarian as I can... As far as I understand it, however, the farming and slaughtering of animals for food generally, is not desireable from a spiritual life's point of view, and does create karma for one. Some human bodies NEED a little meat to survive in good health; others can be healthy on a completely meatless diet (which may not mean forgoing ALL animal products - dairy products, eggs, and blood products are apparently allowable, depending on your body's reaction to them).

So your support of "treating animals compassionately and kindly" is an improvement on what happens today in many places world-wide. I believe that animals have just as much right to life as we do; so the IDEAL is to farm them with due regard and honour, and not to slaughter them for consumption.

Spiritually speaking, I am told that the animal kingdoms have not agreed to be eaten by humans, but the Plant Kingdoms have (after all, we humans have to eat SOMEthing!). Bible bangers probably won't agree with this; but that concerns me not at all... Eating a kingdom that does not agree with it creates karma, and to continue to evolve oneself to any great extent, this karma will have to be cleared.

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Sometimes, I have felt that way too, because I love animals, but yet I eat meat. But also, animals eat other animals; why should we be different? As long as the way of butchering animals is not cruel or excessive, or unless the animal is an endangered species, I don't think it's a problem.

By the way, "vegetarian" is probably more of the word you're looking for. One thing I don't understand is why people go full on vegan to help the animals---since when is drinking cow's milk (for example) hurting animals?

P.S. Questions like this open up the door to letting other people judge you.

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You're not a hypocrite for eating meat, you're just not all you can be. What you are a hypocrite for though, is trying to stop Japan from oh, hunting endangered whales and dolphins. You realize that a lot of that is a part of their culture, and even if it may seem cruel, we do the same thing with cows, chickens (even baby chicks) and pigs, and much much more. It's just that we like to criticize what other people do and turn a blind eye towards our own problems.

Of course, dolphins and whales in my opinion are way cooler and cuter then cows and pigs, but that shouldn't be a variable in whether it makes it wrong or right.

You say being endangered is a variable, well I think I'd rather be endangered and hunted instead of bred in mass quantities in filthy factories where I have no chance of survival and then slaughtered inhumanely and force fed pieces of my own family.

Edit : What I meant by the first sentence though was, you're not a hypocrite for eating meat, because eating meat itself doesn't conflict with not believing in cruelty to animals. You're just supporting it in the end and you're not doing the most you can which means you don't truly believe in your belief that animal cruelty is wrong, or you just don't care enough.

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yes, you are a hypocrite. Because it is not only other countrues that treat animals horribly. This country does and the animals you eat are tortured and treated horribly before they are killed. Just because you don't kill them yourself means nothing. you could have a farm and treat the animals with care and let them live good lives and then kill them and I think you would be less of a hypocrite.A lot of people don't support cruelty of animals they would keep in their homes but have no problem with the mistreatment of livestock. It all depends upon your beliefs. But, yes, you are a hypocrite.

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