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Eskimos ony have four words for snow, they have loads of adjectives to describe snow - thick, even, flaky, granular, soft, hard, icy, wet etc . They do have thirty words to indicate things - I looked it up it reads

""""If we want to indicate . . . we want to demonstrate something, we can say "this" or "that". Or the plural; we can say "these" or "those". They have thirty-two of them. They have "the thing that's up there, --"the thing that's in there", "the thing that's under there" . . . all as one word, A nerdy Inuit speaking in Aleution, would say "hakan", which [points up] "that one high up there". Erm, or "qakun", "that one in there," as in a house. Or "uman"--[as himself again]--which is a very good one, which means "this one that we can't see". Like, it . . . it could be smelt or heard, you know. We'd say, "well . . . well that one that we heard," we'd have to say in English; we'd have to use four or five words. They would just go "uman," Which is interesting.


see full script at

For those who dont Know QI is a Quite Interesting UK quiz type show, where you lose points for wrong answers, and get points for right answers or wrong answers or other facts that are "quite interesting". So it is possible for a panel member to win that show by scoring minus 8 points.

I like it - look on BBC player for QI with Stephen Fry as host

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I hear they stopped playing snap coz the white noise was driving them crazy

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Yeah, snow and Igloos - don't suppose they hang around long enough to do a P for Polar Bear.

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