I texted him about three am the first night to let him know she was sick. He called me back i assume as soon as he got the message thay morning. He acted concerned for the first two or three days then on the last day she came home i texted him to let him know he texted "very good" we are not together any more and he may want to be. He is also unhappy he has to pay child support. I dont know exactly whats going on with him. Its always a struggle. Anybody have possible insight.
redllip23 redllip23 26-30, F 5 Answers Nov 1, 2012 in Struggles

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"unhappy to pay child support"

Yet he was happy enough to help create the child!

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He thought it was good that your daughter was well enough to be released from hospital. Im surprised he wouldn't want to visit his daughter in hospital though. Is he an absent father? One day he'll regret missing out on seeing his daughter grow up if so.

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hard to say not enough info to know he seams concerned about child. no one likes paying suport or anything else good luck

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