He never wants to have sex. when i initiate, he plays it off like im a weirdo for wanting him. Ive seen the **** he watches, its M/F but you rarely even see the chick, its almost always just the male half, and i snooped on his computer history and found him asking Google how to s**k his own d**k. I feel rather abandoned. I know hes not cheating on me bc hes always with me and when hes at work, hes constantly text msging me. but there are nights that ive gone to sleep alone and sexless, and he stays up all hoursof the night even when he has to get up early for work.... am i acting crazy? Someone please give me some kind of guidance
elise00 elise00 22-25, F 5 Answers Sep 23, 2010

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Tell him you will love the physical closeness, even if he doesn't / can't satisfy you.

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There are a million and one different reasons why couples are incompatible.

Don't you deserve a better relationship than this ?

Your boyfriend seems to be doing the best he can do in a relationship that will never work out.

Accept the fact that (apparently) you two are incompatible, break up, and get on with your lives.

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No. What you feel is normal. You should be able to talk about how you feel. If you can't have this conversation, then sexual orientation is neither here nor there. Communication is vital to the health of any relationship/friendship.

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i think maybe he is confuse himself.. there a tons of questions to your answers and only you can slow talk to him and find out more and take note of how he behave like does he look at man when going out. Does he ask you question about woman? All this can tell a person feeling towards himself and others. goodluck.

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