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Just out of the top of my head: they do not feel guilt, remorse or love, have no empathy so they fake these feelings. secretly bored and entertain themselves with "playing with people," and making others suffer.

Charming, manipulative liars.

Behavior - they love when people emphatise with them and feel sorry for them - thus, constant pity play.

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Antisocial psychopath (sociopath), if he shows very convincingly, at least five of the seven. If not, could just be a dikkhead.

- doesn't conform to social norms, especially legal ones

- is deceitful, lies and cons

- impulsive

- irritable and aggressive

- reckless about everyone's safety

- irresponsible

- feels no remorse

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my mr x is a Narcissist plus . i 've found "tears and healing" emails very good therapy ... richard skerritt writes about the cross over behaviours of the personality disorders = sociopaths,narcissists, borderline personality disorders etc. and how you are affected by their disorder... and the process of your recovery. he sells his books through this site ( but i've been reading weekly excerpts for more than a year ,no hard sell ) i had 2 kids with him & 3/4's of those 18 years i was walking on eggshells

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The cruelity to animals trait is a dead give-a-way. They lie and are so good at it they forget they are lying and buy into their own story. They seem to *get along* with everybody else to the point people think YOU are the problem

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That is easy my ex was one too. No conscience; when he hurts another individual it doesn't bother him. The only time he feels bad or cries is when something goes wrong for him because he only feels for himself. He more than likely breaks the law and does not learn from his mistakes, does drugs, drinks, or smokes pot. He more thank likely has dysfunctional sexual relationships; has sex with many women. He more than likely has learned the art of conning people and will use people for what he can get out of them. If he is mad at you he will more than likely get revenge or at least make threats that he never follows through with just to scare you. His unltimate goal is to contorl to get what he wants. My advice get restraining orders and write down everything he does or says so you have something to go on if he does take you to court over something. He more than likely won't because he probaly does not want to be near a judge because he probably has a un resolved warrant or does not have many possitive things happening in his life to make him look good enough to a judge. The smarter con artists can sometimes fool authoirities; cops and judges. Stay away from him and hope that he gets some other sucker to mess with. That is all you can do!

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Well, he is an EX for a reason!

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My ex is a sociopath,its still a nightmare even though I finally escaped.Has no empathy.completely lacks remorse and has a sense of entitlement.Whatever he does,including breaking the law and beating his kids-its because hes worth it.He deserves everything,people should worship him as a god.HE LIES.Not just little white ones ,he lies about things that make no sense to lie about. He is an egoist,he is smarter ,better looking and better in the sack then everyone on the planet (in his own mind)They say sociopaths are antisocial -my ex was social to people who he could manipulate and whom he thought he could control.Once they figured out he was a con artist he quickly avoided further contact .Be glad he is your ex!My ex had numerous different detailed plans on how he was going to kill me and different methods of disposal of my body.Oh yeah he is bringing me to court trying to get custody of the kids he abused and is demanding spousal support and child support .He has lied on every affidavit he has signed so far, so this could take a while :-) .

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They either want to fun for congress or become a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The rest work for the CIA. If he doesn't want to do any of these he might still be psychopath or sociopath but not a terribly dangerous one. Most of the freelancers kill no more than a dozen people, The pros kills tens of thousands or more.

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Very similar to a psychopath. Google it for a complete analysis.

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Interesting, I was just looking this up earlier today. Most of the traits are present in some degrees in everyone but probably the easiest to identify is cruelty to animals (usually from a young age) and inability to tolerate boredom.. (the rest, prone to fighting, disregard to for safety etc tend to be more common in other people too)

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I am the wife of a sociopath bordering psychopath. I have a world of experience and am currently writing a book about my life with him. I have a website I just started where I have forums for support, education etc. I hope you'll stop by there too and check it out for more information on a life with sociopath or psychopath. I'm also dedicating the last chapter of my book to short stories of people who have a sociopath in their life and how it's affecting them and need submissions if anyone is interested.

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My Ex's specialty is pretending to be a loving,caring, compassionate, sympathetic, helpful, a concerning person. My friend above everyone, all while he weaves a web of lies to me and people in my life so that they end up "stabbing" me in the back and accuse me of being a liar, a horrific, a terrible person with no ethics or morals.

Now here is the real kicker, he takes his VIP front seat in my life so he can enjoy watching the pain on my face, cry my eyes out and life in fear of the pending, threating disasters to happen while I drive myself crazy in deep thought, being baffled as to why these repeating situations keep happening to me.

HE LOVES BEING THE INSTRUMENT THAT CAUSES ME TO FAIL (in my career, in relationships and a disappointment to our child, because I have no income, no way to support my child or myself and being alone with no one to love me).


HE pretends to be sweet and caring like he is trying to help me and protect me, but then He gives me a little hint, just enough for me to question and think that he is behind what is going on. He has been successful in all of his efforts to try to drive me crazy, migrainal, and in the hospital having abnormal surgery after taking medicines that has reeked havoc on my digestive system to help with stress and headaches .

But having said all this, I cannot definitively prove his is behind the dilemmas because PEOPLE BELIEVE HIS LIES ABOUT ME and THEY DON'T WANT TO BE INVOLVED WITH ME and HE HAS SUCCESSFULLY CONVINCED THEM that I'm the mental one.

He is such a smart, charmer who reads people well and uses his skillful smooth tongue well, because he knows just what to say to convince others that he is only trying to look out for them and he is only trying to help poor pitiful little all me.

And, that is HIS GAME and that is where HE GETS HIS kicks and jollies.

But know this, I am on to him. He can't keep a good woman down. And, I will never, ever give up on picking my head up after he has stomped it in the ground so many times now. As long as I have one leg to jump up on and I will fight to get my life back.

The lesson learned here is, when someone tells you who they are, believe them. I noticed that something was off with him when I met him, but I dismissed it. Then, he told of his problems and I felt sorry for him and tried to help him. I went against my GUT FEELINGS to stay away. And, after that, I didn't trust my instinct and I got sucked into HELL. If I didn't have a child with him, I would have had to changed my name and move out of state or country to get away. And, in 2 years when my son goes to college, I will most likely have to do that....

If you are reading this, and are in a similar situation as mine, just know I am praying for you. If you can, please love yourself enough to get out..

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