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naobi naobi 18-21, F 5 Answers Oct 29, 2011

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Find someone you are into more. ;)

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Having a crush is normal. You'll probably have quite a few before it's said and done. And if is really easy to crush on an attractive older man who pays you any attention. I know, because I had a little crush on my art teacher in high school. Later, I had crushes on two of my college professors. Of course, none of them were acted upon, and I am fairly sure my teachers never knew about them. Even if they did, I am really glad they knew better than to pursue them. <br />
A crush is generally fleeting and ba<x>sed on little that has to do with reality. It's mostly fantasy or idealization. That's all. You can choose not to do something stupid like acting on it. Sooner or later, the crush will pass, and you will probably develop new ones. Hopefully next time with someone who is a more appropriate focus for your affection.

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Pinch yourself every once in a while so your trance doesn't make you walk into trees!

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