he just do sex he is now so practical after having a srtong affair with other can i change him or attract him towards me
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I don't get guys like that, the only time I am so distant is when I am furious, but other than that I am very affectionate. Maybe it is the culture or peer pressure? Maybe he doesn't feel macho if he shows you affection. Ask him if he feels love for you. Ask him if he is ashamed to show emotion. Ask him if he is angry with you. Ask him to show you love, tell him you love him and you want him to love you too.

To the other readers, you aren't always talking to someone from the same sheltered feminist country you come from. Advice like "just leave his ***." can get a young or stupid foriegn woman killed. Think about that before running your disloyal priveledged mouths.

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so sad, so why don't you grab him and tell him how you can't make him, he has to want you too! Did you just add that he had an affair! because he is a dirt bag, leave him!

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i feel so strange even i cant to do

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he must be spanked 3 times a day.

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First, what did you do about his affair? Roll over?

Second, If you love him, show him love. Sometimes they forget how.

If he doesn't have any emotions toward you, that what you do doesn't turn him

on? Then, just ask him. What do you want out of this relationship?

Tell him you arent getting what you need from him. See what happens.

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