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I was in love with a guy (KK) from my college days for 4years.. i was very loyal to him but he doubted me most a time.. i had a physical realtionship as well. I hided all these from my parents because of fear of loosing them. when my parenst came to know about our relation i didnt hav courage to fight for it & i broke up. then i got engaged to a guy but tht also broke up because kk was still in my heart.. thn aftr 2yrs.. i again fell in love with my collegaue(VK) but again i did same mistake, i didnt hv courage to fight for the love & ended up marrying SP. now since i was not whole heartly willing for this marriage & lacked courage, i am messing up evrybdy's life (my current inlaws, husband,and my parents). because of hidding my sins,i lost many things n life: 1. I lost myself. 2. i lost the trust parents and others had on me.3. i keep feeling guilty internally and very oftenly.4.cant leave with thsi guilt aymore,i want to confess,but to whom & how????
gud4nthng gud4nthng 26-30 2 Answers Jan 7, 2014 in Broken Hearts & Betrayal

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