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Just go go go! In the long run it will be good for you and your kids. If you don't try you will end up maybe regretting it for a long time to come. Good luck.

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You can do it!!

Dont be scared, at least try! You can go to school during the day when all of them are at school, oor you can take night classes. and if that doesnt fit into your schedule cause of work, you can take online classes at your own pace!

:] i really encourage you to go for it, in the long run your gonna be really glad you did it and so will your kids (more money!)

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I agree with fungirl completely, and I felt the same way you did my work wouldnt allow me to go so i tried university of phoenix online school and its the best thing ive done in a long should try it ....they will pay for it all being you are a single mom of 3 kids. Its only about 5 hours a week needed from you and its completely at your convenience 24hours a day there are people on your graduating team who are at your disposal everyday all day long and its a very rewarding experience you can get your degree in 20months and the classes provide everything you need. no books no classrooms no schedules no inconveniences whatsoever. I wish you luck in your decision i know i dont regret mine and you wont either if you ever decide to go back . hugs for you


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OMG u have 2! If i can do it with 5 kids, u definitely can! Do online classes as u can and just remember that if u r doing what u really want, things will work out. You cant let life pass u by. Also u need 2 b an exsample to your kids! Try reading the book Skinny *****. Its very motivational, dont let the title fool u, it really gave me the kick in the butt i needed to bite the bukllet and go 2 school, (as well as lose a few pounds) good luck

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WE have a saying in Oz!

You'll never ever know,if you never ever go!

Go back to school!...Further your Education!

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Everything said above is true, so read and think about it. Start checking into the help available, so you can enroll in the fall. Having done this myself with only one child, I do have some specific advise. Don't overload your self at first. Depending on what help you get, just take two or three course to begin (maybe one hard, one easy). You can maybe go on MWF while the kids are at school. That would leave you TTH for house work and studying. No one doing it for the first time ever realizes how much study college takes -- like 2 hrs of study for every 1 hr of class. Do that when the kids aren't there so you can focus! Set up a schedule for everything that you have to do, and stick with it! That way the kids won't feel neglected, the house will be taken care of, and so will your school work. Don't worry about being older and a mother. there will be others, some even older. You may feel slower or out of touch at first, but don't be discouraged. Once you get into the rhythm, you will realize that you know stuff these kids don't know, you have some experience and maturity to call on. Don't try to be another 19 yr old, but meet and get to know as many different people as possible, that is part of the whole college experience. Lastly, get your kids on your side -- they can do some chores to help out,they need to know you are doing it partly for their benefit, that you don't want to ignore or neglect them, but that you will need some time to yourself before an exam, etc. Good luck. Be strong. Make it happen!

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Go back to school and get a babysitter so he or she could watch your Kids.

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The bottom line is that you are a single parent and have three kids anyway. This isn't going to change, so you need to do what you need to do. Don't talk yourself out of it because of your specific situation, which isn't going to change. Just do it! It will be great for you and your kids! Being a single parent might just get you some great assistance money for going back. Do it!!

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There are so many different programs for you to get back to school.

One thing in your favor is that you are a single parent.

So GO GO GO and check it out on line or go to the closes college in your neighborhood.

Getting more education is a good thing for you and your kids.

Time for a new adventure is about to happen. Oh yeah!!

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Go back to school you have nothing to fear it will be fun. You can help them more by going to school because there are a lot of resources for single parents. I am a single parent and I am doing it. It's fun and I am having a good time but you also have a 14 year old that you are setting the example for before you know it they will be in college with you!

Go for it you are in charge of your dreams and your life!

Do what makes you happy! and in the words of Les Brown (a motivational speaker) Life is not a dress reahearsal you get one life to live !

Also, you are a single parent and there is a lot of college money for single parents. If you get good grades you will get even more. I go to school full time and because my grades are good all my expenses are paid. I haven't had to work in a year.

If you need help feel free to contact me on here.

Only you can make your dreams come true so, go back you will meet a lot of new people to. :) Have Fun

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