i hate my life in here.the people,work,money.i just hate everything in here.i just wanna release some tension.if only i had money in the bank i would love to go some new place like LAlas vegas,miami beach.i know i can't.hmm i just hate it here.
valecia valecia 18-21 14 Answers Sep 18, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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I do to

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me too

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i agree. i feel like im in the wrong country though

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First, where (or what) is 'in here'? Where are you?

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save save save and then leave!

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Problem is; wherever you go - there you are. Better concentrate on yourself first before thinking that a change of scenery will make your life any different.

But if you want to move, emigrate someplace better than the third-world country that America is becoming.

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Run from what can be fixed..Hmmm... It would always follow you if you are unwilling to learn from it. Just ask the super rich suicidal actors how that is working out for them.

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You do NOT want to go to Las Vegas, everyone I know, yes everyone, has said it was gross unless you stay around the casinos. You can come to NY and take my tests for me :D?

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OMG, Me too!

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