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lilsista lilsista 26-30 2 Answers Nov 2, 2011

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OH this is such a good question! Good on you! Too many relationships are imbalanced in this way; granted, it is a hard thing to learn.<br />
<br />
Ideas: girls' night out every week! Your night in every week (facial, manicure, pedicure, long hot soapy bath with candales). Cook what you like and then invite him to an already decided on menu. Let him know you want to go out to dinner or lunch at least once a week. If you can (doesn't have to cost much) buy yourself flowers at the grocery store and enjoy them! Don't take his calls if you are talking to somebody else. He'll manage. Find a codependents' anonymous group and go once a week (they're free), and you can meet other people learning what you are learning, and really relate with them.<br />
<br />
Good luck!

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Gotta be able to be happy yourself before you can make others happy. :D

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