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You can't spot-reduce.

Does your doctor think you're healthy? If your insurance will cover a nutritionist, make an appointment. Do they think your body, eating habits, and activities are healthy?

DON'T count calories. You become obsessed, for reals. A good way to let calories help you is to think, for example...a snack is 200-350 cals. A meal is 500-700 cals. Cals are used to make sure you're in the right RANGE. There are not hard and fast rules, because everybody's bodies and metabolisms are different!

You need fat and complex carbs for your body and brain to work correctly. Bone up on your nutrition.

But if you just want to firm up a little bit, do 10-20 squats or plies a few times a day, and take a 10-minute walk or something.

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Do you have a smartphone? Download myfitnesspal and just log what you eat. That works.

That said you don't need to count calories. Just avoid sugar, fat and processed foods. Eat a vegetable and grain-heavy diet and exercise a lot. If you want to burn a lot of fat, exercise frequently and strenuously.

You do not get to pick where you lose weight though. Exercising your lower half will build muscles, but will not burn fat just there.

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I tried that fitness pal thing and I can't use it cuz I don't think I'm counting my calories right and the exercise part angers me so much cuz it doesn't have the same workouts

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Okay go to this site and enter your goal weight, and then age/height/weight. It will tell you how many calories you want to eat a day. Just enter the food on the app and it will do a daily total and you want to get close to that number.

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For exercises if you don't really know how to get into a workout routine I'd find a friend who does it, spend money on a trainer, or take up something free like running.

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Eat less move more.

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Do squats




This should slim hour lower half.

Cut back on junk foods, carbs.

Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Drink more water.

If you eat meat...lean cuts.

Beans and legumes.


I hope this is helpful.

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Dont count the calories. Cut out pasta, bread, potatos, rice, (these are all unhealthy carbs) watch sugar intake, and you online look up simple exercies that will burn some calories and help tone you.

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live off water

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Stair climber. Just try to eat healthy and you will tone your gluts and legs

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When you stick a Calorie in your Mouth, you count ONE!

When you stick another Calorie in your Mouth, you count TWO!

When you stick one more Calorie in your Mouth, you count THREE!

Continue counting each Calorie you shove into your Mouth!

Do this until the correct number of Calories has been reached!

When the correct number of Calories has been reached, STOP!

A Really GREAT Seventeen Week DIET is this:

1] Read the Ingredient Label on All Items you plan to put into your Mouth!

2] If the Ingredient Label has Anything other than "WATER" on it, then you are Only allowed to Smell, Touch, and/or Listen to this Item!

3] Remember that you Are Allowed all Forms of Water! Frozen Water will fill up your Favorite Bowl nicely and adding 1/2 Cup of Liquid Water will make an Excellent Ice Stew! Boiling Water can substitute for your Morning Coffee, especially if you scald your Mouth!

4] After 3 to 4 Days you will be noticing an Empty Feeling between your "Meals"! Now you can ADD Things to your meals!

5] Start with SALT and PEPPER to taste or Other SPICES!

6] By DAY 6 you can try OTHER LIQUIDS, such as BOURBON, VODKA, GIN, MILK, CLEAR JUICES AND BROTHS IN 1 to 10 Ratios with WATER.

7] At the END of the First WEEK of Seventeen it is now time to weigh yourself! WOW! You Have LOST WEIGHT!

8] Begin the 2nd Week and All Other Weeks by Staring Completely Over at #1.


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Haha thanks for the laugh!!!

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Take laxitive when you eat to much.

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Go see a nutrionist or dietician so that you CAN learn how to count calories @_@

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I already explained that for free! ... Why spend the money? .... Plus! My Seventeen Day Diet Plan WORKS!

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Great ap called my fitness pal works great i lost over 20 lbs on it

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