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Eat less and move more.

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Hi!!! I would like to share my experience how I lost weight and kept it..its easy and it works!

Firstly I detoxyfied my body with NEERA DETOX. You can find it here! that I felt perfect because I lost 4-5 kilos and I cleaned my body

it was easy to do sports after that, because I was overhelmed with flood of new energy.

To keep the detoxyfying process and my weight I used this:

This is the best diet I ve tried in my life..and I tried lot of them:) and its healthy..

sorry if my english is not 100% correct. I am still improving that!


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Has anyone said exercising yet? ;)

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Two ways. Cut calories or cut carbohydrates. Exercise doesn't hurt either.

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Exercise lol

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work out and eat correctly. was that so hard?

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