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Hockey skates

elbow pads

shoulder pads


Hockey Pants

Shin guards

mouth guard

Hockey Gloves

Hockey stick.

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Woah. Thanks

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Don't listen to him. Albertans can't play hockey.

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A helmet and a face shield. You can get a plastic or metal shield. Either one is fine. Spend most of your money on skates because that is the most important thing by far. Buy a pair of hockey shin pads, a pair of hockey socks and a hockey garter belt (to hold up your socks). You'll need a female jock - called a jill. Then you'll need shoulder pads, elbow pads hockey gloves and a shirt.

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I forgot hockey pants. They usually don't come with suspenders so you'll need to buy those too.

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googled it u need helmet face mask mouth piece shoulder pads sweater kidney guards hockey pants a jill long underwear hockey socks and of course skates oh and hockey stick

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A set of balls, Oh sorry wrong sport. Um a puck, you need a good puck. A puck and a long stick. You need to slap that puck about untill you bag it.

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I thought I should say something about feminism but honestly I'm thinking that's not what your mom said

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I'm talking about a game, my Mom don't get into sports. I was watching the world series when the catcher signaled the pitcher my mom asked me "is he scratching himself on national tv" now that was funny. Sorry back to the subject. What do you think I was talking about?

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