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... and Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" was playing on the stereo. I looked around in my car, and found that things were not in their usual places: my bag, my coat, and my coffee cup. Was Thom Yorke lying to me?
ipanemaguy ipanemaguy 31-35, M 4 Answers Dec 20, 2012 in EP

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I presume he was giving out the Road Conditions,irony at play,it is never nice to have your car broken into.<br />
Regards :-)

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You are reading into it to much...

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No, it's the Earth's gravitational pull moving. It's the first sign of ... OMG ... John Cusack was right! Everyone get to Nepal and board one of those Arks built by the world's governments. 2012 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!

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