he kept contact with his ex inspite of my telling no. Gave him 2nd chance. Told him couldnt trust him like before. So after blaming me for it he left. Not able to get over it. Pls help me
melly11 melly11 16-17, F 1 Answer Mar 24 in Dating & Relationships

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move on. believe me when i say that you have time to find a guy who will only keep his eyes on you. just stay busy, and try to focus on moving on.

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M finding it very was his fault. Trying to be busy but at the same time the feeling of being used makes me to cry aloud

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i know it's hard. :(
he's just a stupid jerk who doesn't care who he hurts, and someday he'll realize how stupid he really is when he sees you with someone better. :) so try to calm down, okay? i promise, you'll be fine.

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