He had dogs that he owned fight other dogs so he could make money. If his dogs lost, he would kill them. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison and them completed community service for his parole. Then the NFL let him rturn and he has been laying well. Since then, Nike has signed him to an advertising deal, and even lobbied for increased restrictions on dogfighting. What do you all think?
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Personally, I could never forgive someone who intentionally hurt ANYONE, especially a defenseless animal. I don't even agree with how much money NFL players make, then he turns to cruelty, murder, for MORE? What else could he possibly need? He may have legally paid the price and been on his best behavior since, but his actions truly reflect his character. He will never be more than a greedy, cruel, man who gets more than he deserves in my eyes. I hope he gets what is coming to him in hell.

As a society however, I think we should move on. Why give him more publicity? I just don't think we should forget and make him an american hero of sorts.

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Sooo this is who he is lol.

I really don't think he should be forgiven. If he killed innocent animals on purpose then no. 23 months in jail is not enough, if he killed ONE human, he'd be in there for way longer than that. A dog is a life too and he killed many lives so really he should be in jail for a lot longer.

He probably got let off a bit cuz he's famous..?

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Yes. he was young and stupid. He has tried to make amends. He should not be looking to people to forgive him. Some people resent him simply because of who he is and how he looks.

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I would forgive him if he made a real dedicated effort to support animal charities. He would also needs to stand up and speak of the wrongs of animal cruelty. He should dedicate himself to helping animals, and be a spokesman for them.

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Forgiven maybe,.maybe not...Definitely not rewarded..I guess if he truly learns and tries to make suitable amends,then thats gotta be good..."Killing dogs" also depends on how exactly he was doing that.

The whole thing sounds like it should never have gone that far and he also got a pretty light sentence.

I think sports people and famous people in general get far too much leniency for wrong-doings which sends a bad message to everybody else.

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