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But they are all for stupid stuff like sports. I got the most athletic award and most likely to become a pro athelete. And I won mvp on floor hockey, ice hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball and badminton. but apperently i wasnt "sportsman like" so i didnt get the award for golf. i ended up getting "coaches favorite" for that one. The schoool called my house and my sister picked up and they thought it was my aunt so they told her all of the awards we are getting at the athletics banquet and invited her. I might also win some "cutie awards" which these girls have been giving out since grade 8. Im nominated for best smile, nicest laugh, best as-s and overall "cutie award." haha its weird. And I might get to be captain of my hockey team next year if i dont commit to the college hockey because my captain commited to some university in michigan. and im already assistant captain but thats not the best. but i doubt i will get it because ive gotten too many misconducts
ZacS9 ZacS9 16-17, M 3 Answers Apr 15, 2014 in Community

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Uh huh.

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*falls to knees* Where can I give my money?

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