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14. The small town of Middling experiences a sudden doubling of the birth rate. After three years, the birth rate returns to normal. Use a diagram to illustrate the effect of these events on the following. a. The market for an hour of babysitting services in Middling today b. The market for an hour of babysitting services 14 years into the future, after the birth rate has returned to normal, by which time children born today are old enough to work as babysitters c. The market for an hour of babysitting services 30 years into the future, when children born today are likely to be having children of their own
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Oh my gosh -- do your own homework! How else are you going to learn. If you honestly do not know how to figure out the above diagrams - Ask (or get) a tutor or simply ask your teacher to teach this to you!

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sure does sound like homework and i don't feel like thinking that hard right now!

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The market at point a will be higher than at point b? Is higher the word. Urgh. If I do your homework can I get the marks for it?

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