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i am really sorry sir,you know my history,even before we started being friends,i cared alot about yu sir,i asked you if u have a family and all,u said they were all fine,you might think i am self centered am not,but when they crisis of my is on ur neck,it makes yu to care less,sir i am really sorry,i dont mean to be heartless,i dont mean to hurt you in anyway,you have been a very nice friend to me since the day we met on ep,you always told me to take care of my self,and you always advised me that safety is important,i really needed the relief thats why i was too fowarded,please am very sorry,dont judge me quickly,because,i am a very good person sir,the other day,i told you that i would love to be ur family,besides,i was going to dispatch another message to you,but the it rained heavily here,i was just only able to ask you wen i was geting to relief,but,i dont know what to say any,at this point i accept that i a wrong,and i am asking for your forgivness,as a father,who has a son,he will
fweshboi09 fweshboi09 18-21, M May 10, 2012

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