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IF OBAMA WINS: Will China invade Formosa, Argies invade Faulklands, Nuclear war start in Middle East?
Slantload Slantload 70+, M 1 Answer Sep 11, 2012 in Community

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Sure, cats will lie with dogs...people will marry sheep, it'll be complete chaos.<br />
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...Honestly, if China wants Taiwan, we can't stop them. They can crash our economy by dumping treasury bills. Neither Romney nor Obama is going to stop China from doing whatever they want, and I do believe that wholeheartedly.<br />
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...I honestly doubt the Argentinians really want the Falklands that bad...unless they do in fact want to marry sheep.<br />
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....And if nuclear war starts in the Middle East, our president will very likely have very little to do with the cause...The US is not the major reason why various governments there wish to blow each other up, and if they do so, well, it's mostly down to them.

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