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everything has been a rush. we started planning in the beginning of the year and then our venue where everything was planned, down to the wedding cake, decided to call me and inform me that they had double booked my special day for a baby shower! seriously... loosing out on a 40,000 wedding for a 4 hour baby shower??? so since then i was stuck having it indoors. i have wanted it to be outside, catered, white silk tents all that jazz. limos,dj's, dresses, our entire bridal party, invitations times 3, have been wasted and redone and cancelled and the list goes on. yeah not my vision. I didnt even get an engagement party, bachleorette party, wedding shower...nothing bc its all a rush rush to accomidate every1 else. im soooo sick of this. but this is how everyone is making me feel. i say screw this, announce we are waiting and whoever doesnt like it doesnt have to attend.not spoiled,just want perfection.
luckycharm31 luckycharm31 31-35, F 1 Answer Nov 14, 2012 in Dating & Relationships

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Well that is too short of a notice for most ,including Cateres halls photogrphers etc .<br />
Sides what is it rains on your perfect day?<br />
Truth is at the end of the day you will be Married ,which is what you started out to do the rest is just fluff .<br />
Or you could do what my Son did when her Family started booking double hall space and having Flowers flown in etc they eloped to Jamacia got Married there :) There are resorts that cater to exacly that .There was Beautiful and no stress ! People won't be any more annoyed than they will be if you canclled at this late date.<br />
By now People have bought outfits and gifts made arrangements to be there .Do the wedding then have your own private thing in the Fall <br />
It's suppose to be the Happiest day of your life .

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thanks so much. i know the rest is all fluff. i am sitting here right now wondering what the heck we are going to do... njoone is really annoyed, they are just curious as to when i am going to make up my mind. every time i go and think "i got it now" someone else has one teeny thing to say and it throws me completly off. it is what it is, and i should have stuck with my original plan as to getting married in Hawaii. i have a very expensive dress(which is mainly the reason why i stressed) and id like to put it to good use. it is going to be the happiest day i just know it, but for whatever reason things just are not coming out the way i envisioned. i just wish i could wave a wand and things would be perfect. i guess i have too high of expectations...downfall....

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