Or if someone drove the killer 'insane', and the killer became delusional and killed a random person.
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it can be self defense,

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nope. totally justified, and i'm sick of people blaming the victims of bullying. "bully" just means "a-hole". why do people defend and make excuses for a-holes? why does anyone think it's ok to be an a-hole? that it's ok to make someone's life hell? we need zero-tolerance. they can learn to be civilized humans or they deserve to die. [no, i was never bullied. when i was an adult, i was shocked when i heard stories of what others went through.]

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Not necessarily.

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Murdering a bully is a cop out. It is the old, "I'm a poor vicitm," routine and the dreadful, "I couldn't take it any more, he made me do it." Line of crap.

Look, if a person is being bullied and they allow that to happen, then they are the ones who are the problem.

I was taught to NEVER allow anyone to bully me around. Even if it meant I got into a fight and got hurt, that bully would know that I would not be an easy target.

He would have to work for it and that was ALWAYS enough to stop the bullies from bothering me.

TODAY - the kids are taught the new psychologically and politically correct ways to not deal with it and go tell someone.

That is CRAP ! The Bully will come back on you twice as bad for telling.

YOU HAVE TO STAND UP TO THE BULLY THEN ! Not let it go for a long time.

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Too bad the bullies are armed now.

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