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What happends if someone does stand up and give a reason? Do they have to like sit and talk it out- or is it just like 'oh, well thats nice u dont want us married, but F-U were still getting married'.. and why is that said in wedding ceremonies??
ProudArmyWife2007 ProudArmyWife2007 22-25, F 4 Answers Dec 24, 2009

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well, i have never seen it, but that would be the best! and i would gossip about it to any body within earshot for ever!

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Well. Just say I was about to marry you. And just before we did so . Some fat ugly chic stands up and says that she had been sucking on your patch for some time, without me involved. I might think twice, >. Get it. ??

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Would be a very dirty wedding dress at the end of the ceremony....Kick some *** all in white...

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