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nobuddiesbiznessbuttmine nobuddiesbiznessbuttmine 41-45 4 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Community

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we need to

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I say tax those F * * ker's. At least tax the 5013c church stores that most all have. For example these places say they are helping the community?? Really?? So they give out food and sell clothing very cheap. You know what falls of the back of the truck the silver and the gold. They each have siphon's that I have to compete with to get their gold and sterling. This is thousands and thousands of dollars just from me alone and I assure you that money goes strait into certain individuals pockets and a small portion to the over church. It's a joke. I do this every week from the salvation army to the locals.

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Ha the governements can do as they please as far as i am concerned.

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