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Words are cheapest expression among other human expressions.

Humans can exchange love in thoughts, from heart to heart; and among

physical means, Internet will become the best.

Most people know and agree that speech is silver

and silence is god; deeds speak louder than words;

one pound of practice is more valuable than tons

of theries and so on.

Instead of using the tongue, we can learn to use hand signs

and to type on keyboards. Life is still joyful and happy.

All religions encourage silence in prayers, meditations

and service to the world.

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Actually not much different if you think about it. It would be quieter but you know the cliche saying. Actions speak louder than words. Just because you can't physically speak. Really our body language does about 90% of our talking. People would just move to sign language to talk. Since there are already people who can't really speak already. If one looses the ability to talk. They can with their hands using sign language. SO really the only thing different would be the noise.

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It would mean almost no bullies and very quiet

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I've never had the ability to speak forever.

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it would be nice and quiet.

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