thoughts? this one may be controversial.
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That is like comparing apples to homicidal maniacs!

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Gay, straight, by, trans - gender ... they are all people who are fine with me. Who cares how they get that way. I was just making a point earlier. I don't judge.

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Totally stupid and childish. Comparing two different things.

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Are you really sure about that?

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Gays are people who have different sexual preferences, that's harmless.

Animal abusers: So we're born to abuse animals now are we?

Rapists: What the-- suddenly ******* a person who doesn't know he/she is being ****** or doesn't want to be ******... we're born that way? Seriously? Are YOU born to be a rapist?

Pedos: Do not want. I know we were all children from the beginning but that's no reason to lust over kids just because they're kids. They're like, child rapists.

Sadists: Maybe.

Masochists: Maybe.

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I have always felt it was a thing that a person would allow to come into their life at a young age because the person did not resist the spirit of the overwhelming painful deep aching desire that takes over their mind and their body.

It works on their mind and body that is a trap and becomes a way of life , and as they mature they seek out like-kind to feed the possession of their desires.

Our mind sometimes will not shut-up.

Most have the ability to resist but when you cannot, seeking a higher power seems to be the only cure because it is being possessed.

That is why some call it our demons we live with.. As far as being gay being born that way, everyone has trouble sorting out their sexuality at a very young age(Did you play Doctor?) and just do not admit it.

We humans are sexual creatures, nature of the beast..

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We cannot determine that as yet unfortunately. Because certain peoples of collective stake and interest hold to the belief that it would be somehow wrong under some greater power or what have you, to 'experiment' on lifetime incarcerated and condemned inmates with career criminal histories of the above listed criminal acts and that it would be wrong to require that their punishment be to give of their brains and bodies unto science to create a better world. If such were not the case, we would stand a good chance of being able to one day identify at birth or earlier humans born with the genetic markers that we would have PROVED carry a 99+% probability that that being will grow up to be a serial killer, rapist etc...But, as stated earlier a large majority of peoples who enjoy a degree of moral control over their shee...uh, followers believe that it is better for humanity to simply incarcerate for life or execute such organically impaired offenders and dispose of their corpses in a manner that brings value neither to science nor humanity.

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This is a perfect analogy, if we correct the assumption and acknowledge that no one is "born that way" in having sexual deviations.

Sadists (a group which includes rapists and animal abusers) and masochists have long been identified as having issues with their repressed sexuality, which is a function of a society that punishes open sexual gratification. Modern homosexuality (which is healthy in young adolescence but is pathological when extended past puberty) is, again, the result of societal pressures and failed attempts to reconcile the initial oedipal complexes.

Other imagined "deviations" (such as what is considered "**********") has absolutely no psychological basis whatsoever and is merely related to cultural taboo.

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alert! faulty logic! how can you even compare this... i don't have time to debate you right now... i'm on the log off trail-- but, rest assured my friend, if i even remember... i'll be back lolz

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