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God manifests Himself many times in India, Iran,

Israel, Arabia, and mankind try to kill Him in vain.

The swords of men kill the bodies, but nodody

can touch the Holy Spirit. God exists eternally

in His omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence,

to show His boundless love to the children that He

creates in His image and likeness.

Now is the first time in human history, the mature

and united humanity can truly see their sins and

sincerely repent. The whole human race can consult

every day the words of God on how to build His Kingdom

on earth.

Yes, now is the time that God gives us the best means

to realize the reality of One God, One Religion and One

Mankind. More and more individuals will enter His Divine

Education to contribute the parts in this most glorious

mission: establishing the Paradise of God on earth

for ourselves and for our children in generations to come.

We are all thankful to God for His boundless love.

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Sin City...unless he's here on vacation

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My place. Most welcome.

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He's already come and the best and brightest of this world esteemed him not. When he comes back we could all be in a heap of trouble...

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6 flags. You would have never guessed he was a thrill seeker.

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inside a virgin chick again.

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If it's the Christian god, probably the same way as jezus: the most unexpected place. Afghanistan. And he would probably be raised a traditional muslim.

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nonreligious God....

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TSA detention area

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Many would say God is omnipresent, therefore is already here among us

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