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I am afraid to do it myself because many sites said it is dangerous if done wrong, and I will not know if I am doing it right or wrong?
nj2662 nj2662 18-21, M 7 Answers Oct 7, 2011

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Most likely unless it's a Urologist for a Prostate related illness NO. I have a Urology who operated on my prostate. Due to limited sex I tend to have a build up and have sand particles in my prostate. She has a nurse who does massage to her own husband and teaches it to wives and men. For me she also ordered for medical reasons an Aneros. But due to it being not quite enough she reccomended a vibrating *****.She visited a local women's owned adult store and had held for me such a *****. I picked it up.. she taught me how to use it.. the right lube and showed me how to use it. This is also the way they get a ***** sample from me for testing. She's my age so understands yet really enjoys helping men get in touch with their feminine side. We talked about my one in a while crossdressing in my apt. I did get a girlfriend who loves massaging my prostate.. Honestly I find with her fingers.. two .. she can really get me off completely. I am not gay but on a trip to visit an old college friend I found out he crossdressed all the time. We both dressed up and went out to a gay club. when we got home i taught him how to do massage. As he got close I was so turned on I took him in my mouth and sucked him to climax. Found I loved the taste of *** in my mouth. Felt so close and very sexy. He then asked me to give him anal sex. in turn we spent the night doing it to both.
Turns out both of us have had ****** so we were both used to anal play ..and knew how to take in a ****.. found it easier to have anal sex with a real man. Far less pain. in fact with extra lube..taking out time and oral It felt wonderful. . I am not gay honestly.. but only do this with him once every few months. My girlfriend knows and now likes me dressed and does ******* sex with me.

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It's not dangerous, but a doc isn't gonna do it. You'd have to have it done at a massage parlor that goes beyond basics (does sexual stuff) or have a girlfriend do it. Could probably pay a prostitute to do it, too.

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I had a UTI many years ago and the doctor suspected that the prostate was the source of the infection and massaged my prostate to obtain a sample of prostatic fluid for microscopic examination. So the answer is yes but only for medical reasons. I understand that it done by some doctors for relief of pain from BPH but have no experience.

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