can i just stop attending? i have FAFSA will they just take it away and give it back to the people that donated it or what ever? i want to be able to start up again later but im just not able to focus anymore.
stray4life stray4life 18-21, F 7 Answers Oct 31, 2012 in Community

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find some focus and keep with it......

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Henry Ford didn't go to school

Abraham Lincoln didn't go to school

Bill Gates dropped out of college.

George Washington only attend 1 year of surveying training.

Ben Franklin attended only 6 months of grammar school

All you learn in college is liberal socialist indoctrination.

Just stop and get a real job.

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should answer my text tonight

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well, with the current economy, you better stay in school or you will be sell bath salts on the street to make ends meet.

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you should talk to your counseler and drop the class. Its better than just not attending anymore. I'm not sure about FAFSA but you might have to pay them pack... don't really know

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