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nervous = caffeine, poops = oils in coffee and tannins......just avoid it.

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It's a natural laxative. thats why.

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Is this only with coffee? Does Soda or any other carbonated drinks effect you the same way? I have Crohn's disease and have to be careful of my caffeine.

I have had diarrhea all my life and was diagnosed only a few years ago.

You can buy anti-diarrhea tablets that help a great deal. Also there is a capsule form of Metamucil.

This is more natural and you cannot take to many! What it does is normalize the liquid in your colon. Either adding or removing.

(sorry if I gave too much info)

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You may also be allergic to caffeine or something in the coffee.

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depends on what you put in the coffee. i can get an upset stomach if i put too much creamer in mine. but i so rarely drink it it makes no difference. if it makes you ill don't drink it.

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Makes you nervous and you seem to have a lack of an iron stomach for that acidity drink.... Time to test the Tea.....

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