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Mickemcginty Mickemcginty 18-21 1 Answer Jan 23, 2012

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Whatever you do, DONT be a quitter! Get help with your classes, do whatever it takes! You WILL regret it if you don't!

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I would have quit if i didnt have my dad,i am just saying,in junior cert i was scared so much by my yearhead,teachers and i went to phycology sayiing i wasnt able for a normal secondary school,i did it and didnt fail any of my exams in junior cycle,Without major study but think i got cocky after that which afffected my day to day study which aint going to great now,at least well could be better and i know it,its the 10-12 hours days thats screwing me up but im not making any excuses or crying about it, I dont know what to do :/

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