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I'm a freashman in FL (BCC) and i just failed my math finals, i had a C, but i failed the finals by 3 points..its sucks so bad because i've always been horrible with math, plus i had four other classes in which i passed with A's and B's. I'm concerned because i was getting financial aid and i was wondering if they will take it from me..Will they?Oh man...i'm gonna get bitched out by my mom so badly...and i feel so disappointed in myself. The only reason why i'm not freaking out is because i'm trying NOT to freak out about it. This is actually my first time failing a class. Do you know if they'll take it away? I'm okay if they just lessen how much i get..but still..(PS its a grant)
unstablemind101 unstablemind101 22-25, F 5 Answers Dec 11, 2008

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If i fail 2 classes out of the 33 credits i attempted is that still over a 75% passing rate?

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It depends on whether you're talking about a loan vs. a bursary or scholarship, and whether the money's coming from the university, gov't, etc. If it's a scholarship or bursary, they could; depends on whether the rules state that you must achieve a certain GPA AND pass everything. If it's a straight student loan, I really doubt it.

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If you did below 2.0. Though, you would likely be put on academic probation first and perhaps more than once before anything would get drastic. Just keep plugging away. :)

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