she said she was going to forward my resume to the hiring manager, and she seemed like she liked me and my experience
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God, yes. Don't wait. Be all about the product, service, or business and not about the position. If, the hiring manager doled out the job to his second cousin's, sister's, nephew, than maybe there's something else. And, if a friend or family hire occurred, they rarely work out and your spot might be there sooner than you think.<br />
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The worst thing that could happen is they say no and in that case, realize that you have made a contact in HR. HR people do talk with friends within that their industry so, keep in contact, at least every 6 weeks. Most jobs are never advertised or that HR person might have other leads.<br />
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Good luck.... Wish you the best.

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If I leave a message usually if the answer is no then they won't even return your call based on my experience. What should my exact words be when leaving a message?

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