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a yr ago i applied for disability cause i lost my job cause of two hip replacements and a knee surgery after i left, i was in a resort, i got denied, they said i could do sit down work but when i apply they wont hire me, i was with ovr for a while but they shut down my case, i sometimes go to this place for meetings and its a place for people with disabilities, i cant be on my feet all day and noone will give me sit down work, one of the counselors there noticed i might have ADD so she asked me for permission to see the results of the psychological tests i took with ovr, she saw them and said theres proof that i can get disability from the results of the tests and she thinks she can help me get on it, i sometimes sub for the school district but i dont make enough to not be able to get it, ive been living on no income for a yr already, except savings, i do have a hud apartment, is it worth persuing? she helps people get on disability, its part of her job? i could still sub if i want
lederman lederman 51-55, F 4 Answers Jan 31, 2013 in Health

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If her job is helping people get disability, then she probably knows what she is talking about and it would be worth a try.

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Sounds like you have lots of issues!

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There are attorneys that help people get disability. Generally, one must try more than once to get approved.

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