He's said the following..... "I will always respect you. Cheer you up when your down, Comfort you when your sad. Cry with you. Hold your hair when you throw up. Everything that. Just respect me" "I never in my life have been like this right off the bat. We have something going here" "You always give me something to look forward to. Its so nice knowing I got someone" "Winter i want you to know that i havent felt this way about a women not like this. I want you to know I love you dearly" "How far do you see us going with this all kids marriage what? Just a question" This he said to his mom... "She's amazing momma. You will love her for sure. Cant wait for you to meet she's so great" (We meet and...His mom does love me by the way lol) So, what do you all think? Is he just buttering me up because... or you think he means it? I've never really had some say stuff like that so i dont know...
WinterJoy WinterJoy 18-21, F 20 Answers Jan 12, 2010

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I believe he's telling the truth especially when he mentions marriage and his mom. I think when guys want you to meet his parents, that mean he is serious about you and your life together.

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If you've met his Mom i'd say your safe -))

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Several questions dear friend....

How long have you known him?

A person is judged by their character and words, actions , deeds..esp..others...

I would sit back and observe his character..

Anyone can say anything after all in a relationship..

He seems like a god guy and you deserve happiness...

Get to know him and see how he treats others, his animals..if he has any...

to have the same comon goals is important also..

Take things slow and pray because only God knows who we are really supposed to end up with after all.

Also, treat him like your best friend..

Good Luck...and just remember to breathe..try not to have anxiety over this it will work out how it is meant to after all..ok?

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no need to worry if he means it or not

just dive in

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A guy doesn't involve his Mom with a girl he just wants to Bop. He means it, or at least believes he does.

But do you love him, or are you simply enjoying being flattered?

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Ya... he's either sincere... or sincerely diabolical

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love is in the air....

We all say those things, look into his eyes WHILE he's saying it to tell if he really means it.

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unless he's a Poser, it sounds super good.

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