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Phone: iPhone simply because the interface is not complicated and it is very functional. I love mine. You can also have all of your music, movies, email, pictures, etc. in one place.

Tab: iPad

Camera: Nikon

Great quality camera, and the lenses aren't flimsy like Canon's.

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I have a android powered tablet pc, if you go where the wifi signal is it works great, in my area we seem to lost the signal..

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iPhone 4S is my choice, Andriods are more for geeks, there are many things you need to setup when you get them, iPhone is basically good to go right out of the box. iPhone 5 is physically different than earlier models, more expensive and they are having several glitches with them so far. And they have a built in 8mp camera.

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IF you can pay an iphone, then iphone. Iphone is the best. Otherwise, any android phone, they're good.

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samsung note is good imo..but if u are a prev iphone user then go for iphone

tab: i like ipad

camera: Canon

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