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Moonshining is tax evasion on whiskey which is $2 compared to beer or wine 5 and 10 cents respectively. Legalizing Marijuana means we spend less time trying to stop is instead we tax it reducing the price and bringing in tax dollars. This would eliminate two big money wasters so that we could try to reduce the cost of living in America to mimic the cost of living in China. This would also help ease the tension between the rich and poor people by making it easy to survive reducing crime rates as well.
Gamerchef Gamerchef 18-21, M 2 Answers Jan 17, 2013 in Politics

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**** no do you realize how far in debt we are even if we taxed every american at 100% for the next 5 years it still wouldn't be enough to get us out of debt

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The idea is no longer funding an expensive prohibition and gaining tax dollars to put towards use in the public sector reducing the living cost of an average american. With reduced costs of living people are left with extra money at the end of the month and can slurge a little more.

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im not reading all this but id buy the weed

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