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Look at the context of that scripture. Jesus had just cast out devils from a demon-possessed man. The Pharisees murmured and said Jesus performed this miracle by the power of the devil.

Instead of saying, "Guys, do you realize how stupid what you just said sounds?" He sai, "If Satan drives out Satan, he is divided against himself. How then can his kingdom stand?"

In other words, the devil is not going to work to thwart his own evil plans.

In terms of your question about the many sects of Christianity as a house divided upon itself. I think you hit upon something very important. While all of these churches and belief systems profess a belief in the saving power of Jesus, and some will claim that any differences of doctrine are inconsequential, the message of "mainstream" Christianity is extremely conflicting.

Some say that we are litterally the children of God and heirs to God's kingdom, some litterally believe the words of Paul "And if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together." Others say we are little more than God's playthings created of for his personal amusement and that we can never hope for anything more.

Some believe firmly in Martin Luther's concept of "sola scritura" that an interpretation of the modern Bible cannon is the only way to understand God's will. Other's believe what is actually printed in the Bible, that God is His own interpreter and only by communicating with God can man know God's will. Yet others contend for the position of Apostolic authority, that God has given his power to one man to lead the church.

Some believe what Jesus taught through word and example that baptism by water and the gift of the Holy Ghost is a requirement to enter the kingdom of God. Yet many others contend that baptism is merely a nice gesture but not actually necessary.

Some believe the teachings of Paul and James that religion is meaningless unless we love our fellowman and demonstrate true charity. Others who call themselves Christians rally in hate groups to condemn and judge the wicked, forgetting Jesus' teaching that there is none good but God.

Some believe in obedience to God's commandments, repentance, and forgiveness of sins for those who exercise faith in Christ. Others teach that man has no free will, and that it does not matter if we choose to do good or evil, because if we are among the "chosen" we'll be saved regardless of our sins.

Some believe that Christ's atonement was universal and applies to all who believe on His name and repent of their sins. Others think Jesus saving power is limited to a select few only.

In other words, yes, modern Christianity is a house divided, and this house shall fall, and great shall be the fall thereof. When Christ returns, not all who have said "Lord, Lord" shall enter into His kingdom.

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You think belief has everything to do with religion? Religion is an institution made by man. Faith belongs to no one man, and can be a connection between people- except people are so sure they all have the right answers (rather than just different opinions), that it makes it impossible for them to connect with anyone, to help anyone. They just come off as condescending.

Not all denominations, not all people who follow a specific one, do this. But it does happen.

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Jesus didn't mean for there to be multiple denominations. According to Catholics, he meant for everyone to be Catholic. According to Lutherans, he meant for everyone to be Lutheran. According to Baptists, he meant for everyone to be Baptist. Etc...

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People are for ever jumping off the ship, thinking they can steer themselves in rafts. The ship will last but the rafts won't.

Plus one for Zolar 1 who has it absolutely right!

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Dude! You Rock!

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Who says the two have to do with each other? It could very mean exactly what it says, A house thats divided cannot stand. families that dont stick together fall apart,maybe he was talking about that?

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Probably for the same reason there are so many channels on cable.

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Different points of view to try and understand God from multiple perspectives.

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