Coz my mom told me that my laptop has in-built modem. Do i need a router as well? I dont even know what that is. Do you have to set up your own modem? IT noob here encountering first world issue. PLS speal in VERY simple terms. Thanks!
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Ok listen....

There are a number of ways to get on the net...based one what you posted....You have subscribed to DSL...

With DSL (Digital Subscriber Loop), it uses a MODEM as opposed to "cable" or High Speed internet (Some call that a MODEM too)

If your PC or Desktop already has a built in MODEM, you will or should look to the side (if LAPTOP) or Back of a tower for a standard everyday PHONE JACK....(RJ11)

You will take a standard PHONE CORD and go from the PC/LAPTOP, to the WALL JACK and plug it in just like a phone.....BUT.....

You must have a "FILTER".....In short your ISP should have provided you with filters for evey wall jack in the house where a phone terminates....

The Filter looks like a plastic square or rectangle combiner....Meaning.....A phone jack on one side, and a phone jack on the other side but usually will have about 2-4" phone line sticking out....It will say on it with arrows or should - "TO WALL" and the other side TO MODEM....

Your ISP should help you if you can't figure it out....Its just 3 simple steps using standard phone line;

1) from PC/LAPTOP Phone line jack.....TO

2) TO the FILTER....

3) OUT of the FILTER to the WALL JACK....

You must have a FILTER for every jack in the house where you have a phone plugged in....

Got it?....

Remember to call your ISP for login and password if they didn't give it to you yet...

Good Luck!

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omg thank you so much. that does helps. compare to what i have been looking through the whole freaking internet with articles with so many IT terms.

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Welcome - Thanks for BA. I'm a Network Design engineer....I design these things....:) Good luck

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Yeah I have been looking at too much IT stuffs. My brain is too dead to process what is going on... HAHA.

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