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Make a wish foundation for sick kids

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Same here.

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the charity of steel......;-)

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I will by Holy Books and giving to people who want to read.

If thery want, I will sit with them, read the Books with them,

and discuss about all questions they may bring up,

as I do here on the section about Religion and Culture.

I believe that this movement of reading and consulting

will give new insight into the sacred verses and giving

new vision for solving world problems.

Since, I have no money of this amount, I am doing this

with cents and dimes.

Here on the Internet, I have to pay only service fees

and electricity. Books are completely free. I know that

today, all over the world, my friends are spending much

money for spreading Holy Books - yes Books of all religions.

After the movement of literacy, wishing that the UN will

see the need of making the movement of reading Holy Books.

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Autism Research

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Salvation army

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This may sound really weird coming from an anarchist but it's a huge toss up between Planned Parenthood or the Veteran's Hospital in my area.

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Why would I give $1M to charities? Really? Why not a business on Kickstarter?

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Red Cross or Salvation Army, those are really good charities, don't just blindly donate to charities because of what they say they do, look into where your money goes. Red Cross and Salvation Army are very good charities because almost all of your money actually does go to where they advertise it. Do your research and donate to whoever you want.

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community centers and schools in my neighborhood :D to make my community awesome!

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the charity of education ..

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Either St Judes or the Make a Wish foundation. Anything that helps children and their families through a terminal crisis, really.

Thankfully, through the grace of God, I have not needed those charities with our daughter. I hope I never need to, but my heart goes out to the families that do.

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Poor single parents (fathers or mothers, doesn't matter) that have left their abusive spouses.

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