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flipper1966 flipper1966 61-65, M 4 Answers Oct 14, 2012 in Politics

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I bet - for real to the tune of five figures - that the incumbent pumps up the market to glean votes. I don't remember any historical study confirming that works. I DID get a satisfactory rise...the indices are near all time highs and God knows it's NOT because the economy is good.

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False. The stock investors try to anticipate changes in investment values. The old rule says "Buy on the rumor and sell on the fact." By the time an event happens, the market has already anticipated and adjusted the price. In 2008 the stock market anticipated the election of a communist anti-business idiot, so it crashed before the election. The idiot blamed Bush for the crash, and a million useful idiots who know nothing of markets or investments believed him.<br />
<br />
This year the market is anticipating the election of anybody else and a return to a positive business environment. Many stock prices are already up in anticipation that the communist idiot will be tossed out.

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I think prices are up because banks sitting on cash from QE1 and 2 placed it in the market instead of using it for the intended purpose. The market DID crash because of Bush and the bank fiasco. Nobody knew Obama was going to socialize everything - Clinton didn't - even I voted for him...THAT time. Read my featured story about Romney winning.

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