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The wheel of fortune smoothly spun

Before the damage had been done

But first it slowed and then it ceased

When man let loose the snarling beast

When truth was lost amongst the lies

And birds of midnight flew the skies

When innocence was lost for good

And rivers ran with human blood

When justice wore a ball and chain

The world was drenched by nuclear rain

The brotherhood of man had died

And Satan had become our guide

When laughter was no longer heard

And love was just another word

When men of peace marched off to war

The wheel of fortune turned no more

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Because its not about the truth. Its about making twelve people believe.

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I would venture there are more guilty people vindicated than incent people convicted.

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because other peoples Lies put them in there

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the restraints of the mind are far more imprisonment than bars, walls and fences. Undo those shackles and the rest will be easier.

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Because we live in a corrupt world.

The freedom that the truth brings is not necessarily physical freedom.

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Innocent by who's standards?

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I agree with the first part, but how did they become innocent?

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