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You are wise in asking the question

and they are wise in seeing lies about doomsday!

However, there are always many people

wishing for ending of the world as soon as possible:

They are too poor to have enough food.

They are too painful with diseases.

They suffer bitterly with all kinds of injustices.

They see no light at the end of the tunnel.

They wish to know a little earlier rewards of the

next world!...and so on

I think it is wiser to disign car model

using solar energy for the next decade.

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In 2012 the earth alines with the sun to rise in the center of the milky way galaxy if that means we are all going to die I do not see it

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The world is not going to end, either is Mankind, just something, a BIG change or event is coming

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To distract you from the fact that you are doomed!

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