rottenrobi rottenrobi 41-45, F 6 Answers May 22, 2012

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ooooooooooohhh , rottenrobi

nope, no deeper

but just think of all them poor fish

........... gotta bath without a sponge

........................sad, so very sad ;-((

respect, from robbie

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shouldn't make any difference. the sponges were made from stuff in the ocean so they're still part of the ocean in my book.

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No, if the sponges weren't there to take up space the oceans would be shallower.

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Yes, but surprisingly only 3.78 meters

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I have no earthly idea, but I'll go with gladtobemad on that one. Cause I would have guessed probably so, all land 40 feet above sea level would probably be under water, and sharks would probably live where I live right now.

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They wouldn't necessarily be deeper but the tides would be higher. :)

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