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personally, I cant have one without the other. If its a friend, its love.

Now if you are asking if I would choose a lover over a friend -

Same answer, I cant be lovers without friendship and love.

If there is no love, it either does not happen as lovers or friends, or I figure it out and move on quickly.

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Well I've been friends with my best friend over 30 yrs. Shes been there thru 2 marriages and a serious relationship the ended horribly. So as men come and go bestfriends last forever and are there to help pick up the

Yes I love my BF

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A friendship without love is not worth having.

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I would take friendship over time love can be built from just being friends!

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`Is the guy single? Is he dating your friend? If he is, would you want your best friend to stab you in the back? If he is single then perhaps it may he may be fair game? In any case, I would choose friendship over love. Plenty of people out there in this world to date.

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friends would have to go,I love my husband and would gladly loose everything as long as I could be with him.

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