The Obama Administration believes if the 2nd Amendment is revoked, it will stop gun crimes. Is that Joke?
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Remember...when seconds count...the cops are only minutes away....

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People fail to realize that if you take guns away from the average citizen (and WTF, the POLICE FORCE?!) that:

A. Only criminals will have guns. They will find them, they will use them and we will be helpless to stop them.

B. People in many parts this country still use guns to hunt in order to feed their families, sell the meat and pay the bills and manage and protect their livestock from predators. As a nation, we are in no position to give up our rifles.

C. Even if guns are, by some miracle, successfully removed from the hands of all Americans, the American people will find other ways to kill each other, even if it's making guns at home. You can't cure violence with restriction.

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republicans are hollering we will take away sport guns and hand guns it would be insane to do so . but do you really beleive one should hunt with a russian ak-47. these are republican idiotic rumors

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Where do you get the idea that Obama wants your guns? During his presidency gun rights have only been expended!!!!!! I'm a gun owner and own enough of them to drive my significant other crazy when I get more gun related stuff BUT I don't have to buy into the paranoia that Liberals are coming for my guns. I know the gun boards are full of this stuff but they are also full of it. Look it up for your self.

...and by the way, regardless about how people feel about an issue, we should at least deal with reality not fantasy. I believe law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves, but the gun culture in this country is getting out of control. I don't remember the details but a study by law enforcement found that a large proportion of guns used in crimes are legally purchased in 7 southern states. So maybe there is some room to change the law and it does not have to be between taking all guns (paranoia) and arming ourselves to the teeth - even if I am : )

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NO! No! no! Police need crimes to deter crime. Unfortunately, those who don't respect laws use them for crimes. They have more then the police and better weapons at that. This world is becoming a horror flick like the ones they are showing on television. And for anyone's knowledge the cartels are already here leaving in the quiet neighborhoods, buying business, and in private schools free from what they have created on the other sides of the borders. Mexico in my case. As a people we should be watching the going on in the neighborhoods before they destroy this country like they have theirs. With all their money they can move here but, what about the poor souls that are poor and can't afford passports, and a new life. Oh! well I got going on the issue here in Texas.

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New Zealand police dont carry guns and they seem to manage alright!

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If you replace guns with pokemons,it would be nice.

What a hell of a party would that be !

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of course not, The cartels would pour over the border along with some other undesirables and have a field day.

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I don't really care........

I am so afraid of the world....

I want cameras installed in my house...that are monitored by the police...

It's the only way I will be safe....

Please take away my rights.....It is so scary out here.

"This is my prediction for the year 2023...."

We will eventually be so ******* brain washed we will throw away or last little bit of freedom...

The privacy of our own home.

Very sad.

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i don't think it would help at all

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The constitution was supposed to say, we have the right to arm bears.

Seriously, then only criminals would have guns as they do not care about the law.

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